Anchor ~ Blue Crazy Lace

$ 28.00

Anchor: The anchor is a symbol of both hope and steadfastness. We raise our anchor and venture forth into a new era of life. Raising the anchor tells everyone it is leaving its current port-of-call and is on its way to a new voyage and adventure. When a ship drops its anchor, it grounds itself. It stabilizes itself from the waves, tides, currents and various weather patterns the sea may throw at it.

If you think of your anchor as raised for adventure, wear the anchor as a symbol of hope. It will prevent you from drifting in confusion as our thought processes are now focused on new creations, ideas and dreams.

If you think of your anchor as dropped, wear the anchor as a guide to make good decisions. When we are firmly anchored we are able to trust confidently in the skills and knowledge which lie deep within us.

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